10 Cancer Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Cancer symptoms are one of those that most of us worry about, Nearly one in three people in the United States will develop cancer during his or her lifetime, Cancer is more curable when detected early if it does occur in you or a loved one. Although some some types of cancer are readily detectable at an early stage. Some others might be tricky.

However, there are some certain factors increasing your risk of pancreatic cancer such as pancreatitis, obesity, inherited gene mutations and Family history and genetics, excessive smoking, and diabetes. Being overweight or obese, African-Americans also have a higher chance of getting this problem.

In this article, we will summarize the most important symptoms of cancer. We will cover the earliest warning Signs and symptoms are likely to be experienced in different parts of the body if the cancer has spread or metastaised. , If they had experienced any of these symptoms you should follow up with your medical care provider.

the most common signs and symptoms of cancer that you shouldn’t ignore in yourself or your loved ones:

Excessive tiredness

One of the most common presenting complaints in people with cancer is Feeling tired and listless without a clear cause, or symptoms that worsen over time, If you’re feeling exhausted in a way that goes past the irritability of a sleepless night or any type of fatigue that prevents you from doing normal daily activities.tumors can also release hormone-like substances that change the level of sodium and calcium in the blood and cause muscle weakness.

However, if you feel so tired and you can’t get out of bed. You needs to be evaluated by a doctor, She can help you find the cause and let you know if there are ways to treat it.

weight loss

Rapid weight loss or losing lots of weight in very less amount of time, that too without trying can be warning sign is common in those with pancreatic, stomach, lung, or esophageal cancers

according to the The American Cancer Society reports that unexplained weight “60 percent of lung cancer patients report losing weight prior to their diagnosis”

Weight loss in cancer results from a reduction in the availability of nutrients for the rest of the body,it can also be due to the feeling of fullness some people with cancer experience after eating a small meal. Cancer cells use up a lot of energy that would otherwise be used to build muscles or stored as fat. Thus, cancer patients often experience a wasting syndrome characterized by weight loss, low appetite, and low energy levels. rapidly lose weight without changing your diet or how much you exercise, Weight loss in cancer is a very delicate matter, and it is associated with the severity of cancer so if you suddenly lose more than 10 pounds without changing your diet or exercise habits discuss this with your doctor and would be a good idea to run some tests.


A fever is common for those with cancer such as leukemia or lymphoma at an early stage, The fever may be slight and raise a person’s normal body temperature by only a few degrees

but keep in mind that a fever may also be a symptom of many other benign conditions that persist and cannot be explained ,If your fevers are chronic, you can keep a diary or log so that you can better report to your doctor.



Pain is one of the ways our bodies tell us that something is wrong, Sometimes bone cancer or testicular cancer can cause pain, The American Cancer Society says that pain from cancer typically means it has spread. After spreading to the bone, massive bone loss, increased risk of fractures and excruciating pain have been reported by patients.

The person will then experience body pain in the pelvis, legs, ankles, hips, or back symptoms in people who are later diagnosed with cancer, weakness and numbness of the limbs are also reported by patients with prostate cancer in an advanced stage of the disease. Consulting your doctor will order a laboratory analysis blood test

Changes in the skin

The skin offers a window to what is going on inside the body and Skin changes shading more often than not on the grounds that there’s something going on in the body, signs include yellowish dark skin, eyes, reddened skin, itching or excessive hair growth, Some forms of skin cancer may look similar to other types of skin sore so if you have any of these other signs then you absolutely must go to see your doctor


Some signs of cancer are not quite as overt as facial swelling, cancer can cause swelling in the face, neck, arms, and upper chest in your armpit or around your collarbone , you notice that any part of your breast is experiencing swelling, then When tumors restrict blood flow, particularly to the superior vena cava, many people experience pronounced facial swelling. This is termed as deep vein thrombosis or DVT whose symptoms include pain, swelling, redness, and warmth in the affected leg. If you have a history of cancer in your family, you will want to mention this to your doctor at your visit.

Unexplained bleeding

Unusual bleeding can happen in early cancer and should always be evaluated. If you experience Blood in stool or dark or black stool could signal colon cancer, also Irregular bleeding is considered the most common symptom in women with cancer

because these bleeding tumors typically mean that they have grown, paving the way for other symptoms to develop, it is recommended that you visit a doctor immediately if you experience abnormal pain or bleeding